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MIDEA New Xtreme Save Lite 12000 BTU A++A+++ R32 with WIFI

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Midea XtremeSave Split
Extreme Energy Saving Inverter Quattro™ System
Intelligent Precise-control Algorithm
Stays Cooling With Up to 71% Energy Saving

Flash Cooling
For Fast Relief From the Hot
When it’s turned on, the Inverter Quattro™‘s High
Frequency Race Compressor works
at the maximum Hz, rapidly lowering
the indoor air-outlet temperature to 23°C in just 40s.
No more waiting for your chill.

3D Airflow
Cools Wider and
More Comfortable
The directional air-let moves automatically both
horizontally and vertically,
directing nice and cool airflow to
fill in every corner of your room.

App-based Remote Control
Whenever You Are,
Remotely Control Your AC With
A Simple Touch
Thanks to the M-Smart Security Protocol and the MideaHOME app,
you can start up your air conditioner on the way home
with your mobile phone to enjoy crisp,
cool air the moment you walk in the door

Follow Me
Keep the remote control close to
you and press the ‘Follow Me’ Button,
and the air conditioner will auto-calculate
the temperature of the air around you and
ensure the temperature of
the air is cool enough around you.