About Us

Unexpected surprises?

It’s these unexpected surprises that we just did not think of, that really disturb our Personal Finance Management System (PFMS). The result is miles away from what we had initially estimated in our heads and could potentially ruin our future plans or even end up exposing us to unpleasant situations. Nobody wants to miss out on going for a weekend excursion with friends because they are unable to pay for their expenses.

Money complications?

It all gets a little bit more complicated when we start adding our one-off expenses into the mix. That new TV that just came out that we want, the girlfriend’s birthday, the cousin’s wedding. When we throw in the bill for the fridge that suddenly stopped working, the end of the month starts to feel a bit overwhelming.

That’s where atokes. comes into the picture.

Life before atokes. (b.a.)

We could always stick to the old school approach, but it’s safe to say that this has not been working out too well for most of us;

  • Asking our parents to buy us the new TV; a bit too optimistic?
  • Applying for a Credit Card; easier said than done nowadays, not to mention those spiking interest rates
  • Applying for a loan; is that really an option to pay off expenses?
  • Saving up month to month on an average salary in Cyprus; now that’s what we call tough!

Life after atokes. (a.a.)

There is a new solution in town! With atokes., we now have the power to include the “unexpected” in our PFMS. That is precisely the mission of our company; for everyone to afford anything at any point of time and without having to compromise.

atokes. will buy that new fridge, the replacement for the broken A/C unit, the brand new iPhone or Laptop (and so on and so forth!) for you and all you have to do is pay us back in monthly, equal, convenient and manageable interest-free payments, nicely fitting within your PFMS.

With atokes., there’s no reason to apply for credit cards anymore, and the procedure to begin using our service is as easy as counting from 1 to 3!

The (short) story of atokes.

  • July 2018
    atokes. is created
  • August 2018
    The 1st product is sold (AC unit) and the team stayed up partying till 5am!
  • March 2019
    The Incubator Pitch – atokes. applies to enter IDEAcy Incubator and presents the business to the IDEAcy Board
  • March 2019
    atokes. is officially part of IDEAcy supported by Bank of Cyprus
  • July 2019
    atokes. is successful in the final evaluation of IDEAcy and proceeds to the next stage
  • September 2019
    atokes. attends the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • September 2019
    Added Sofroniou in our network of merchants
  • September 2019
    Added Domestica in our network of merchants
  • September 2019
    Signature of contract with Blend for new website
  • December 2019
    Initial testing of website
  • February 2020
    Final testing of website
  • March 2020
    atokes. is part of the event “Charter Up!” organised by the Cyprus Chartered Accountants Student Society (CCASS)
  • May 2020
    Launch of atokes. website
  • June 2020
    Collaboration with Net Info Pay as a payment initiation service provider
  • September 2020
    Added Logicom in our network of merchants
  • December 2020
    atokes. begins the development of a Merchant Portal for users to be able to purchase at our merchant’s premises
  • February 2021
    atokes. begins the development of its mobile application
  • June 2021
    Added Veluda Water Filters in our network of merchants
  • December 2021
    Featured in the GOLD Magazine December Issue of InBusiness
  • February 2022
    First version of the mobile application is released and under testing